Feb 29 2016

New website can give you valuable information

New website can give you valuable information
I remember last year hearing a story on National Public Radio about people who searched the internet for answers to just about any question they could come up with.
“Searching for answers online gives people an inflated sense of their own knowledge, according to a study. It makes people think they know more than they actually do.” NPR, in their inimitable style, put it another way, “At at any moment you’re … just a few taps away from becoming an insufferable know-it-all.”
It’s true, we all have a little Cliff Clavin in us. I use the internet extensively at times to find better answers to medical questions that I might not have a ready answer to, and find it to be invaluable, as long as I’m looking for that information in the right spot. I just don’t “google things,” but rather use vet specific websites. For example, one is called Veterinary Information Network, which was founded by and run by veterinarians. It’s like having a whole team of online experts at my fingertips. I mean, I might know a lot of stuff, but I’m no Cliff Clavin!
That brings us to something you may have noticed in the last couple of months, our new, updated and information-filled Fort Meade Animal Clinic website.
The site provides many features and focal points designed to make your experience with us more efficient and more meaningful. If you’re like me, the best thing to do is just go to the site, and play around with it to see what you like and what you find most useful (like our online pharmacy, and 24/7 access to your pet’s medical records).
There are two really cool new features. One is called “Interactive Animal.” This link provides a kind of a virtual tour of a dog, cat or horse, their various systems and parts of the body, and what kinds of diseases and afflictions can affect those areas.
The second is the “Pet Health Library”.  Here you can literally find it all, from A to Z, from abscesses to zinc poisoning. You can filter by breed (dogs, cats, horses, birds and reptiles), topics, and best of all, get information in either English or Spanish. And you know you can trust the information that is on the site, it’s all FMAC approved!
Still, there’s no substitute for seeing your furry friend in person if you really suspect a problem, of course, but in a pinch, or if you’re just curious, it’s a great resource that we’re proud to provide our clients.
I have a favorite saying about looking things up on line. “The internet gives us information. What we provide is knowledge.”
Our new website means you can trust the information you’re getting about your pets.  And when you have that information, everyone at FMAC promises to put that to good use to give you the most knowledgeable and satisfactory visit possible!

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